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In a world of TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, in a land before social media, we had organizations and communities. ​Groups were formed by like-minded people with common goals (YMCA, Girl Scouts, Sororities, Fraternities, Professional Organizations, churches and others of the like. Where in the world has the sense of community gone? Now, we are overwhelmed by pings, dings, likes, dislikes, zaps and other noises that serve as distractions to our core values and desires.

What about sisterhood, support, skill building, networking and laughter?

We're bringing it all back!

Introducing the Infinite Women's Network

A safe space for women by women to heal, deal, and grow personally and professionally.

Our network features support groups, learning resources, business directories, podcasts, webinars, summits, and opportunities for women to get support in every area of life. 

We understand that women face different challenges at different times. we also understand that women can get bombarded with texts, dm's and emails causing virtual chaos. At Infinite Women's Network, we strive to simply your chaos, providing solutions to women's issues in one space. Our trusted experts, partners, coaches and consultants are here for you. It's not her business, it's sisterhood.

Three Women

Our History

Infinite Women’s Network was birthed through the adversities of women committed to overcoming systemic pitfalls and societal disparities to thrive through excellence. This collaborative network of women strives to serve others through service, education, and empathic mentorship. Our programs are designed to provide women with comprehensive strategies to overcome the multifaceted challenges preventing healing, growth, and sustainability.

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Women of Impact Conference Series

Montgomery, Alabama

1st Virtual Summit


ImfluaXion Conference

Atlanta, Georgia

Facebook Group Launch (1k members)

Virtual Summit


Launch of The Turning Point

Inner Circle

5 Conferences Postponed


Non-profit established


Women In Transition Launch

Who We Serve


Women seeking personal and professional development to be better tomorrow than they are today.

Mother and Daughter

Mothers, Students, Entrepreneurs

Our services are geared towards women with multiple roles and responsibilities.


Our services are specific to professional women in the workforce or business settings.

Our Core Pillars

Join the Network Today!

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Our Founder

Anika Wilson

CEO| Consultant | DEI Practitioner | Leadership Enthusiast

Anika is a consultant, DEI practitioner, and leadership enthusiast. She strives to assist women with personal, professional and business development to build sustainable families, communities and businesses. Her vision is to educate, empower and equip women to lead their lives with courage, confidence and conviction as the authorities they are created to be. She is the founder of the ImfluaXion Conference, Your Voice; Your Power with Anika and the creator of The Turning Point. At Infinite Women's Network, she serves as the creative director, assisting with training development, marketing and project management. Learn more about Anika at

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